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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: May 4, 2007 10:10am
Forum: open_mind Subject: Re: To any open minded liberals..

I was looking for a punchline, and there it was! Mr Savage was bloviating about this the other day also. Talking about teaming up with the leprechan and others to do a 10 million man march on washington.

I have actually been tolerating a liberal radio talk show host out of Ft Lauderdale named Joyce Kaufman, tree hugging liberal who took thousands of shoes to washington to protest illegal immigration. So there is hope. She is a tree huggin environmentalist liberal and even though she is of hispanic heritage she is fighting against pressing one for english and other stuff related to preserving our culture.

She has a lot of good points. The italien, german, jewish, irish, dutch, russian and other immigrants all assimilated. If you didn't learn english, you didn't get a job and become part of the great experiment in capitlism. They all stood in line and filled out applications for citizenship. Why should it be any different for today's immigrants? I learned Spanish enough to converse, why is it sp hard to learn english? Because we give crutches via telemundo and marque dos para espanol on our voicemail systems. To be fair every voice mail should have options for farsi, polish, persian, chippewa, dutch, portugese, etc. Since that is not going to happen, try english. There are hundreds of TV channels, millions of books and songs in English to learn from.

And yes you were correct "May Day" is a big communist holiday. Ironic that ILLEGAL ALIENS would skip work and protest their own ILLEGITIMACY in a country that proves communism doesn't work. Irony....

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Poster: rastamon Date: May 4, 2007 10:27am
Forum: open_mind Subject: Re: To any open minded liberals..

hey now, there are some lib's with their heads on correctly...most I know are pretty closed minded though.
Good for Joyce! She understands that ILLEGAL Immigration is NOT good for a free society.
Radicalmuslim desire to forcefully impose their "religion" on the world is not just propaganda. Any folks who think so are useful idiots to Jihad.

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Poster: jglynn1.2 Date: Nov 5, 2007 9:36am
Forum: open_mind Subject: Re: To any open minded liberals..

Well said guys. My experience is that many liberals don't want to hear any arguement but their own. I've always tried to at least listen to both sides of arguements. I find most of my conservative friends more open minded and less hysterical than my liberal friends. I'm not very political by nature but do beleive that immigrants need ot go through the proper channels (maybe the process needs to be streamlined, not sure of the details), and that terrorism is very real. I was in lower Manhattan at work on that fateful day; when a group of terrorists pull off something of that magnatude it means they are serious and not likely to just stop because a certian political party gets in office and uses 'diplomacy'.